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P.A.L. Law Commission Victory

P.A.L. Law Commission marks a victory against the illegal sale of stolen Palestinian homes as the sales event is canceled two days after P.A.L. served a notice and demanded letters, memos, and complaints. The P.A.L. [Palestinian Assembly for Liberation] Law Commission On War Crimes, Justice, Reparations, and Return welcomes the cancellation of the illegal, divisive, and egregious, sales exhibition of stolen Palestinian homes that had been scheduled to take place in Brooklyn on March 13, after the parties were served with notice and demand Letters.

P.A.L. Law Commission Founder and Director, Attorney Lamis Deek, said: "We served the hosts, agents, brokers, and sponsors—and AG’s offices—and let them know the onus was now on them before the law and society. We are glad that they have chosen to reduce their liability and refrain from undertaking actions that sow division in our city. We hope they will extract themselves from these illegal operations altogether. This cancellation doesn’t stop our work, which is ongoing as is our investigation. We have filed complaints, memos, and evidence with relevant government authorities, and look forward to providing full-scale communications to executive function agencies as well, including the U.S. Department of Justice. It is critical that all prior sales events—some of which transpired just last month and were run by US-Israeli dual citizens with apparently heavy involvement in the Israeli war crimes industry in Palestine and the U.S.—be investigated, and that the entire illegal land sales ring be stopped. As we said last November, our pursuit of justice is relentless—and so are we" Deek Stated.

The P.A.L. Law Commission recognizes and thanks PAL-Awda-NY-NJ-LI and all endorsers and allies for mobilizing and notes that the rally scheduled for March 13th is now a vigil moved to 3PM at Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn.

About Us

The Commission is a Palestinian led project, guided by Palestinian self-determination and dedicated to seeking justice, accountability, and the implementation of Palestinians rights. The Commission is primarily focused on securing accountability and reparations for Palestinians harmed by Israeli violence, supremacy, apartheid, war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide, and settler-colonization. The Commission is equally dedicated to using legal and political measures to helping implement the Palestinian Right to Return as enshrined in international law and in UNGA Resolution 194

Our Projects


Actively gathering and recording evidence of war crimes against Palestinians to build a solid foundation for justice.

Legal Advocacy

Advocating for legal proceedings and accountability for those responsible for war crimes, ensuring justice is served.


Pursuing financial and material reparations for victims and their families, acknowledging their suffering and losses.

Right of Return

Supporting the cause of Palestinian refugees, advocating for their inherent right to return to their homeland.

Public Awareness

Educating and informing the public about the impact and consequences of war crimes on Palestinian and communities.

International Support

Building a network of international support to amplify our efforts for justice and reparations for Palestinians.

Community Outreach

Engaging with local communities, providing support and assistance to those directly affected by war crimes.